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About Rwanda



The country experiences a tropical climate, lies on a higher altitude with temperatures being about 24°C in the lowland areas of the country and in between 10°C -15°C in the highland areas. The middle of May right up to October has been labeled the dry season thus the best time to indulge in any hiking experiences if you want to avoid slippery tracks on your safari. The country experiences a dry season in December to February then June to September.

Official language

Kinyarwanda, French, English, are the most commonly spoken in the country with a few people using Kiswahili as well.


The country’s local currency is the Rwandan franc. However, other international currencies like the US dollar and Pound sterling are commonly acceptable.

Credit cards

Credit cards are widely accepted at most banks and ATMs but the most commonly used is American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa.

Traveler’s cheques

Traveler’s cheques in Pound sterling, Euro, US Dollars are accepted in Rwanda.

Forex bureaux

These are well spread in Kigali but international currencies can also easily be exchanged at banks, the airport, and accommodation facilities like high end hotels in Rwanda at reasonable exchange rates.


The Rwandan government has ably kept the country relatively peaceful and stable since the genocide making it arguably one of the safest African destinations.

What to wear

The country is relatively warm. Carry a sweater or warm clothes if you intend to stay in the country long. Rain gear and sturdy walking shoes and long sleeved clothes are advised in case you intend to track gorillas or do a hike.

Where to eat

Most restaurants or hotels fairly cover international cuisines or fast foods so finding what befits you will not be a major problem.

The people

The Rwandese have a rich culture with a very graceful dance. Important cultural places like the Nyanza palace should not be missed on your visit to Rwanda.

The terrain

The road network is generally good and fully accessible with tarmac in the Kampala and most of the major cities upcountry. Potholes are a common menace especially when travelling upcountry. A 4×4 vehicle is recommended for safari especially in national parks where the terrain is predominantly murram.

Entry and exit

Kanombe International airport is Rwanda’s main entry and exit point in the instance of international flights. A visa can easily be obtained on entry if you fulfill the necessary requirements. A drive from the airport to Ruhengeri will be 1.5 to 2 hours