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lagoon resort honeymoon



Day 1; Arrive at the Resort

Today you will leave the place where you spent the night before and drive to Munyonyo.

Here you will find a boat that is ready to take you to Lagoon Resort from Munyonyo. Settle in and enjoy the night in your room or you could choose to have a romantic

Day 2; Relax

Wake up at leisure and this will be your lazy day in. Take a late breakfast, take a swim or just relax in the room and enjoy this day with each other. This is just a totally quiet day for the two of you to just too have enough time to yourself.

Day 3; Take a walk on the Island

If you had enough of the quiet romantic day yesterday you could go out for some fresh air today. Take a walk on the island. Bird watching can be fun and it is a simple activity that will not wear you out. The Island is full of birds or various species which include the

hornbill, the kingfishers and even parrots. There is a wooden platform that provides an

excellent view of the various species. Have lunch and continue with your bird watching or relax in the room or by the pool.

Day 4; Walk on the beach or fishing

This is your last full day so you could choose to do some optional activities. There are quite a number of fish in Lake Victoria and you can go fishing. Hire one of the motor boats and go fishing and the chef can grill for you whatever you catch. Just choose the best way to enjoy the last. You can also choose to have a massage by the pool.

Day 5; Return home and continue the beginning of forever

Today is the day to return to the mainland. Leave the Island after lunch and take the

30minutes boat ride back home. Take time to reminisce and remember to take pictures so that you can look back on this wonderful time you had together. If traveling by road you will have lunch along the way and continue the journey to Kampala and then back home

Enjoy your marriage