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White water rafting is a sport for very adventurous people. If you need to stress release and test your adrenaline levels, this is the thing for you. It is mainly done at the Itanda Falls. It’s a chance to push your limits and get your heart racing as you ride on the waves and rapids of the Nile.

Rafting is scheduled daily with a minimum of 6 people for each trip. If you prefer to have a less crowded day for rafting with less numbers then you should probably go on a weekday. You meals are taken care of when you go rafting, you just have to pick some sunscreen, light clothes, and get rid of all the accessories like watches, rings, earrings, pins and keys. All valuable things should be left behind. Just come ready to face the water. If you opt for the half day package, you will go over 4 rapids and yet the full day package covers 8 rapids.

You can have your turn wild or mild depending on how daring you are.  With rapids called 50-50 and Bad place, you will find that the water has a life of its own and defies nature’s laws. The twists and turns will have you holding on for dear life. The rapids are rated; 1 for flat water, 2 and 3 for bouncy, 4 and 5 for pretty tough and 6 for extreme. They are aptly named club wave, cool wave, overtime and Big brother, so you can predict what you are in for.

Take the plunge and let yourself go, feeling the adrenaline rush hit you.