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Congo Safaris

The novelty of the Democratic Republic of Congo as a tourism destination makes it a must visit area for the lovers of thrill and adventure basically because of its unique and endemic attractions. There is a quite a lot to do whilst in the DRC but tracking the lowland gorillas and climbing the Nyirangongo (an active volcano) are the highlights of any visit.

Join us for an encounter of the Lake Kivu, the Nyirangongo volcano and the lowland gorillas tracked through the rain forest. Climbing the Nyirangongo normally takes 2 days with an overnight spent at a specifically designated camping site.

Hikes to the volcano however are always limited to guided tours. The lowland gorilla though much smaller than the mountain gorilla is still a beauty to behold with much shorter hair and longer arms than its counterpart.

Lowland gorillas mostly hang out on the ground where they stay in communities and build nests overnight. Lowland gorillas are always under the leadership of a dominant silver back with females carrying a pregnancy to a whole nine months. An infant gorilla will cling to its mother from birth till it is at least 3 years of age.

However, the mountain gorilla can also be tracked in the Virunga national park an activity that would highlight any one visit to Africa. A safari to DRC to encounter any of these activities can easily be organized exclusively or as a portion of your safari to East Africa.