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About us

Our Dedicated Team

Sabili Tours is not just a travel agency. We are a family; and everyone who inquires with us joins the family!  Our staff are a dedicated, passionate team that will stop at nothing to get you the information, safari or honeymoon you want. When on-line, you will interact with the following:

Olive Wameli

Olive is our General Manager with a wealth of experience, having worked in the industry for over five years. She is passionate about birding and will tell you where to find which bird in Uganda at any time of the day (or night)! As General Manager, she oversees all the company’s day-to-day operations as well as our clientele satisfaction.

Emmeline Bisiikwa:

Emmeline is our Online Marketing Assistant. A social media enthusiast and prolific writer, Em (as she prefers to be called) uniquely combines her background in finance with her passion for writing to ensure that you are constantly informed about Sabili Tours’ activities. If you do not find her twitting about us, responding to a traveler’s question on Trip Advisor or chatting away with a client, then it’ll probably be because you are too entranced by her latest story on our blog to notice.

Phoebe Isharaza

With experience of over five years in the sector, Phoebe is our Travel Consultant. An enthusiastic  traveler herself, she is the person behind most of our itineraries, combining one exciting adventure with another to make us the unrivaled leader in tailor-made packages. Phoebe is particularly passionate about honeymoons and wildlife lovers. She will not rest until clients’ itineraries are exactly…or more than what they’re looking for. If you you’ve inquired about or are interested in any of our packages, you’ve been bitten by the phoebian bug. No worries though, it’s the sweetest bug on earth!

Ganzi M. Isharaza

If there ever was a passionate C.E.O. , Ganzi is one. In fact, he insists on a totally different title; Chief Happiness Officer! Ganzi has previously worked with international humanitarian organizations World Vision and Compassion International. He is passionate about making tourism work, not only for the clients and the tour companies, but also for the local communities that play host to the magnificent natural attractions we treasure. He is also passionate about local tourism and the brain behind our Around Uganda in Seven Trips Program which currently benefits an orphanage in Luweero, central Uganda through an on-going partnership with 40 Days Over 40 Smiles.

 Our Guides

Abdullah, Isma, Samson, Fredrick , George and Raymond maintain that an on-line introduction wouldn’t do them…or you justice. They insist that you meet them face -to-face! With each of them having over 10 years’ experience as guides, you can rest assured that every safari you book with us will be positively memorable. All of them are members of the Uganda Safari Guides Association which gives refresher courses and trainings at least twice a year and possess over-the-top interpersonal skills! If you’ve inquired with us, chances are, you are going to meet one of these five…and be glad you did!